Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cell Snaps - Day 2 - Colors

Sometimes I see an object/scene/person/situation and I just want to take a picture.  Oftentimes, I can't even figure out why I want to take a snap of it and mostly it is something ordinary like leaves on the ground or the shadow of a fence. But one thing I definitely am drawn to are bright colors - and shiny objects - don't make fun :/ 

Por ejemplo: Out in Julian today I saw this (rather creepy) five-winged cardinal windcatcher.  Even though it was a gross mutation of bird anatomy, the vibrant color was so beautiful against the bare branches and clear sky.  Mountain air makes everything seem crisper.  I love the mountains!

Also, the other day I was making a stir-fry seasoning in a mortar and pestle (what do you call that? pounding? crushing? pwning?) out of garlic, cilantro, peppercorns and kosher salt. When I scooped the finished product into a spoon and set it aside on my cutting board I spied another colorful vignette:

(Also, please don't let the texture mislead you, this seasoning is yummilicious! It's pungent and peppery and herby all at once.  I stir-fried it with some shredded left-over roast chicken for a quick and easy week-day dinner.)

Am I alone in this (aside from the magpies)? What everyday objects catch your fancy?

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  1. When I was a kid I used to sit in my yard and stare at snails and rocks and stuff for like, hours on end. I remember stuff like that being so fascinating, and I'd absorb every little detail of the objects. So whenever I do take the time to notice how everyday stuff (like your spoon of seasonings)is beautiful, I take it as a reminder of how nice it is to slow down.